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Akron Smooth Bore Nozzle Flow Chart

NR 157D2NP D Bore Diameter NP Nozzle Pressure psi Pitot Pressure Solid Bore Nozzles Nozzle Pressure PSI Gallons Per Minute 3 8. Choose from several snap-ongrip and handle colors.

Akron Nozzles

The 118-inch smooth bore tip generates controllable nozzle reaction across a range of 40 to 55 psi nozzle pressure.

Akron smooth bore nozzle flow chart. 200 psi14 bar Minimum Voltage at motor. It provides a 100 gpm increase in flow over the 78-inch smooth bore tip. With our smooth bore and fixed-gallonage master stream nozzles we know that we should get a certain gpm discharge at the proper nozzle pressure.

Smooth Bore Nozzle General 096-098 Underwriter Playpipe 097 Deluge or Monitor Nozzle 099 Short Shut-Off Nozzle 090 Standard 12 Sprinkler Head 075 SETUP FLOW 1- Decide which hydrant will be the Test Flow Test. Find an Akron Brass distributor near you to learn more. Fixed Flow SMOOTHBORE Fire Nozzle About the Smooth Bore Engineered with a smooth tapered waterway TFTs smooth bore tips provide the stream quality reach and penetration that you have come to expect from a traditional.

With Pyrolite construction these master stacked tips will help you fight fires efficiently with your smooth bore nozzle. SMOOTH-BORE NOZZLES Smooth bore nozzles generate effective streams at nozzle pressures as low 30 PSI but the stream will degrade at pressures over 60 PSI. Attach the Apparatus Flow Test Kit to a deluge set that.

2 Smooth Bore – 840 gpm at 50 psi 1063 gpm at 80 psi Optional Flow. Solid Bore Discharge Formula. All nozzle pressures are pitot gauge readings not pump pressure gauge readings.

62 118 209 346 Straight Bore Discharge Data chart will give you the flow in gallons per minute of 501 694 923 1167 1462 64 120 213 351 508 703 933 1180 1486 66 122 216 357 513 719 tube and gauge to drain this is especially necessary in freezing weather952 1205 1509. Flow Reach Chart for the Chief XD handline nozzle. FLOW RATE REACTION FORCE 78 TIP NOZZLE PRESS.

How to Select Meter Testing Equipment When there are enough 1-12 and 2 meters to justify special equipment the Akron Test Bench is recommended see page. Flow of Akron 1 12 bale with 15-16 plug nozzle 185 gpm at 50 psi older 1 12 bale with absent smooth shank and also absent 1516 orifice Remove from service 78 smooth bore placed on all bulk load lines flow rate of 78 2 1. SMOOTH BORE DISCHARGE DATA POCKET FLOW GUIDE GPM 72 74 76 78 80 82 84 86 88 90 92 94 96 98 100 105 110 115 120 125 130 135 140 145 150 175 200 PO.

Pair with a handline nozzle shutoff and ergonomic pistol grip. Stream Shaper 284-A 284-B File Type. Use stacked tips for a smooth bore nozzle flow.

Box 1127 Elkhart IN 46515 15742958330 1. Flush the system totally prior to testing. Compare the flow and reach of each nozzle from Akron Brass using both our smooth bore nozzle flow charts and other nozzle gpm charts.

GPM 2971D2 Solid Bore Reaction Formula. The enclosed Akron Brass Straight Bore Discharge Data chart converts the PSI reading to the actual flow in GPM. 1 ⅜ Tip 3 2 500 GPM A 1 ⅜ tip has 3 eighths associated.

Water flow pressure loss 1 2 through 3 hose chart simple ways to determine your fire flow requirements fire nozzle flow chart agroclasi com flowbuster which supply line firefighter jobs and fire service smooth bore nozzle flow. However this nozzle is rated 500 to 1250 gpm. The 118-inch smooth bore flow of 266 gpm makes for an effective line for those fires which fall within the parameters of ADULTS.

Fog 1000 gpm at 80 psi 1 15 16 Smooth Bore – 789 gpm at 50 psi 998 gpm at 80 psi Maximum Pressure. Solid Bore Nozzle Flow Chart The chart below lists the common solid bore nozzles used in testing fire pumps and their flow rating at set pressures. The flow rate gpm through any aperture with a fixed size such as a smooth-bore nozzle or nonautomatic fog nozzle varies approximately as.

Performance Document – Chief XD Flow Reach. Smooth Bore Nozzle Flow Chart Friction Loss Rules Of Thumb Fire Engineering Pitot Gauges How Do I Calculate The Psi To Gpm Conversion 1 75 Inch Friction Loss Chart Pollardwater Pitot Flow Chart Best Picture Of Chart. 2 to rough calculate the gallons per minute flow from a smooth bore nozzle on a master stream device with nozzle pressure of 80psi.

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